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    Spicy Pot Seasoning (rattan pepper flavor)

    • Product brand: Jin Kung Fu Food
    • Product model:
    Spicy Pot Seasoning (rattan pepper flavor)
    Description of flavor characteristics :
    ①Fresh green pepper, refreshing and spicy;
    ②Selected , full of numb taste from prickly ash .
    Product details:
    Ingredients information: edible vegetable oil, pepper, Chinese prickly ash pepper, edible chicken oil, chicken essence seasoning and white sugar.
    Usage:35g salad oil is heated, then add 15g garlic granules, 10g ginger slices and 10g chopped Chinese green onion . After the aroma is produced, add 100g Spicy Pot Seasoning . Next, add about a total of 500g fried shrimp, crispy sausage, meatballs, blanched lotus root slices, green bamboo shoots, broccoli, etc, and Stir-fry until fragrant, then it can be served in a pot.
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