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    Spicy Grilled Fish Seasoning

    • Product brand: Jin Kung Fu Food
    • Product model:
    Description of flavor characteristics
    Natural spices are selected, boiled slowly at low temperature, and the flavor is rich, spicy and fresh, with thick and bright sauce.
    Product details
    Information on ingredients used: soybean oil, pepper,Chinese prickly ash, bean-based sauce , spices, liquor, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate and salt.
    Various eating methods
    ① Grilled fish: 100g of Spicy Grilled Fish Seasoning with 300-400g of water is used. First heat a proper amount of salad oil in a clean pot, then add green onion, ginger slices and garlic granules and continue to stir-fry. Next add the grilled fish seasoning and stir well. Finally add water to boil and pour it on the roasted fish for embellishment.
    ① Chinese dishes: can be used to make Spicy Fish Fillets, Roasted Chicken, Spicy Shrimp and other dishes;
    ③ The usage ratio is 1: 3-1: 4;
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    Address:No. 2, Wangxing street, High-tech zone, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province Tel:0758-6626625 Fax:0758-6626625


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