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    Tiger Matsutake Fresh Mushroom Sauce(rattan pepper flavor)

    • Product brand: Jin Kung Fu Food
    • Product model:
    Description of flavor characteristics
    The fresh tiger matsutake is delivered directly from the place of origin which is rich in nutrition crisp in taste and rich in fragrance
    Product details
    Information on ingredients used: Chili Tricholoma matsutake (added amount ≥19%) edible vegetable oil edible salt garlic oyster sauce edible chicken oil chicken essence seasoning white granulated sugar pickled ginger sodium glutamate onion and pepper
    It can be eaten in a variety of ways
    ①Noodles rice and rice noodles are better when mixed with appropriate sauce;
    ②It is used for steamed bread as seasoning and the taste of ingredients is more delicious;
    ③Add in cold dishes or stir-fry to increase the taste;
    ④It can be used for hot pot small material or dipping material to increase the value of products;

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