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    Tiger Matsutake Fresh Mushroom Sauce(fresh-spicy flavor)

    • Product brand: Jin Kung Fu Food
    • Product model:
    Description of flavor characteristics
    The fresh tiger matsutake is delivered directly from the place of origin, which is rich in nutrition, crisp in taste and rich in fragrance
    Product details:
    Information on ingredients used: Tricholoma matsutake (added amount ≥48%), Soybean oil, chili, onion, garlic, edible salt, chicken essence flavoring, sodium glutamate, liquor, Pixian bean sauce, white granulated sugar
    It can be eaten in a variety of ways
    1Noodles, rice and rice noodles are better when mixed with appropriate sauce;
    2It is used for steamed bread as seasoning, and the taste of ingredients is more delicious;
    3Add in cold dishes or stir-fry to increase the taste;
    4It cab be used for hot pot small material or dipping material to increase the value of the product.
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    Address:No. 2, Wangxing street, High-tech zone, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province Tel:0758-6626625 Fax:0758-6626625


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