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    Enterprise Culture

    Enterprise vision: Based on the Chinese market, we provide safe and high-quality products and services in the field of condimentproducts, and become the leading enterprise in this field in China. "Guangdong Yujin Food Co., LTD." has become a well-known enterprise in China."Yujin" and "Jin Kung Fu" have become well-known brands in this field. 
    Enterprise mission: let people enjoy healthy and delicious food.Create maximum value for consumers, customers, employees, shareholders as well as society, and make their own contributions for the revitalization of the nation's food cause.
    Enterprise philosophy: 
    -- Business philosophy: Customer-centered, truly achieve a win-win situation with customers 
    -- Management philosophy: Based on standards, safety first, people-oriented, standardized management 
    -- service philosophy: to "share" as a habit, to solve problems as the core enterprise spirit
    Enterprise spirit: 
    Dedication: As an enterprise, respect users, respect dealers; As an employee, I love what I do and what I produce.
    Industry: As an enterprise, innovate and improvecontinuously ; As an employee, work hard and devote your maximum energy and time.
    Precision: As an enterprise, be the most professional manufacturer in the industry; As an employee, become an expert at your job . 
    Competition:As an enterprise, be aggressive and become a leading enterprise in the competition with its peers; As an employee, be the best employee in the enterprise team.
    Enterprise objectives:
    1. Develop new markets, develop new customers, and realize the increase of production capacity and sales of more than 25% for 5 consecutive years.
    2. Guangdong Yujin has become a top three enterprise in south China in condiment industry.  
    3. In 5-10 years, we are to build a collectivized enterprise integrating condiment anddeep processing of agricultural sideline products.
    Enterprise strategies:
    Customer foremost, quality as the foundation, safety first, efficiency in the lead
    Enterprise quality policy/quality target
    1. Quality policy: All staff quality control, safety and quality, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.
    2. Quality/food safety target: Customer satisfaction ≥90%, product pass rate ≥95% in one inspection, and no major food safety accidents.
    5S principles: 
    Eliminate waste, improve efficiency, improve quality and ensure safety.
    Management policy:
    1. Standardized management       
    Throughout the development ofsuccessful enterprises at home and abroad,the most extensive and applicable business code has beenthe"management by law", "with the system".Managing the factory by law is the most fundamental management idea of Yujin Company. We have been committed toestablishment and improvement of a standardized, scientific management system.
    2. People-oriented 
    Human resource is the most active factor in the enterprise and the creator of direct value. We attach importance to the personal value of every employee and provide space and opportunities for them to display their talents and potentials. 
    We believe that employees' thoughts and attitudes determine actions, and actions determine results. Therefore, we pay more attention to the subjective initiative of employees. 
    3. Simple structure 
    We insist that the establishment of the organizational structure should not be the most complete, but the most smooth.Only by Rigid management system, effective communication, flexible management methods can we obtain the biggest management benefits.
    4. Full load work   
    Full load work, not refers to tireless simple repetition, but work with a sharp mind, clear criterion, specific goals, and ingenious creativity. With the development of the company, Our employees can constantly adjust their knowledge structure,enrich themselves, and consistently improve their own skills and quality in all aspects both for the company and for their own development.
    Copyright ? 2020 Guangdong Jin Kung Fu Food Co., LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    Address:No. 2, Wangxing street, High-tech zone, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province Tel:0758-6626625 Fax:0758-6626625


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