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    Enterprise Profiles

     Guangdong Jin Kung Fu Food Co., LTD., located in The National High-tech Zone of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, covers an area of about 25,000 square meters. It is a modern food enterprise specializing in r&d, production and sales of compound condiments and hotpot seasoning.
    "Jin Kung Fu" is the company's registered trademark. The company has four special production workshops and leading production technology; It is equipped with advanced production equipment, including reactor, electromagnetic wok, natural gas wok, cooking production line, automatic packaging machine, and cold sealing production line, with annual production capacity of 20,000 tons; It is also equipped with microinspection, heavy metal, metal inspection, moisture, refractive and other testing equipment.
    In accordance with the national food safety law, the company has been adopting the GMP and ISO management standards,and has successively passed ISO-22000 quality management system certification, HACCP certification.
    Led by the founder of the company,the company's R & D team has been keeping innovating based on the present and succeeded in turning the research achievements into reality, as a result of concentrating on condiment industry for more than 20 years .A large number of high-quality products have been produced, creatingfar more and better value for customers. With Sichuan flavor condiment as the root and customer demand as the foundation, the company has developed two series of products of compound condiment and hot pot base material. The complex seasoning plate covers: grilled fish, lobster, bullfrog, hot and dry noodles, spicy spicy pot and other products; hot pot condiment plate covers: hot pot condiment series, hot pot condiment series (braising vegetables, malatang, string of incense, cold pot string) and other products.
    With strong r&d strength and excellent staff, we have won the favor of many well-known restaurant chain stores at home and abroad, large food enterprises, offline channels wholesale and retailers, major e-commerce sales platforms and distributors. Our sales network has covered all parts of the country.
    With relish, Jin Kung fu. Our long-term goal is to let "Jin Kung fu" series products step into thousands of households.The company will forge ahead with determination, work with regional distributors, brand agents, e-commerce platforms and distributors to make continuous effortsand continue to bring consumers a healthy and delicious new generation of condiments with technological innovation, safety protection and satisfying service.

    Copyright ? 2020 Guangdong Jin Kung Fu Food Co., LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    Address:No. 2, Wangxing street, High-tech zone, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province Tel:0758-6626625 Fax:0758-6626625


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